Frequently Asked Questions…

Are you licensed?

We sure are! Licensed, Bonded, Liability Insured. All of our electricians are covered by workman’s compensation, as well. California State Certified Master Electrician Contractor’s License C-10 License number: 836576

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes – Services and material are covered by a one year warranty.*
*Material provided by Dominic the Electrician ONLY will be covered under this warranty. This does not include any material provided by home-owner.

Will there be holes/damage caused for the installation?

Sometimes – If work being provided is downstairs, there is the possibility of a couple holes being made approximately fist size. However, it is not as often if the work is upstairs due to attic access.

What does the $75 include for recessed lights?

The $75 special includes: 6 inch recessed light with white baffle trim and bulb, housing and installation of material.

Do you do drywall? / Is drywall included?

If it is known that drywall will be necessary before services are rendered, drywall will be included in the cost of quote.

Do you do exhaust fans?

We can install an exhaust fan to existing duct; however, we do not install new ducting.

Do you pull permits?

Pulling permits is generally the responsibility of the home-owner, however if discussed with Dominic ahead of time, we can pull permit. It is then the responsibility of the home-owner to cover cost of pulling permit, time for services rendered and time for meeting with inspector.

Do you do Plasma TV installations?

Yes – We install the following: new outlet behind television, HDMI/Coax cable run, speaker run, and hang plasma on brackets.

What type of services do you NOT provide?

We do not do installations for Thermostats or provide services for the installation of appliances.